Sherrie Shreiber, LMT, NCSF-CPT

Certified Personal Trainer through NCSF

Sherry is a 2013 graduate of Blue Sky School of Professional Massage and Bodywork. Sherry’s primary academic and bodywork studies focused on Therapeutic/Medical massage.

Therapeutic massage is my career of choice, a mid life crisis of sorts. My own health had deteriorated to a point of intervention at 48 yrs old and a change on many levels was needed. After a successful 20 yr career as a Commercial Electrician I chose to take a leap of faith and create a healthier and more soul fulfilling life for myself. I retired as a Commercial Electrician and enrolled in massage school. Being a tactile learner in conjunction with my new love of learning about the human body and combined with the joy of helping others, quickly showed me I was on the right career path for me!

I am a life long learner with a passion for assisting others in healing themselves utilizing the knowledge I acquire along the way. My primary focus is balancing the body and decreasing pain through a series of “tools”/modalities that I’ve learned over the years which includes studies in the following:

● Precision Neuromuscular Therapy PNMT

● Temporalmandibular Joint Dysfuction TMJD

● Sciatic and Cervical nerve entrapment

● Cranial Sacral Therapy

● Orthobionomy

● Lymphatic system

● Cupping

● Kiniesiology taping

● Myofascial release

● Trigger Point Therapy

● Deep Tissue massage

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