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Dr. Bess Romagna, DC CCN

Chiropractic? Often times the response is, “Oh, I tried that. It didn’t work for me.” One of my goals is to show people that if you tried one and “it didn’t work” – You just didn’t have the right Chiropractor!

Art of Wellness Chiropractic has been an ever-growing aspiration of mine.

Dr. Bess lives in West Bend with her high school sweetheart, Michael, and her two children, Autumn and Gregory. She has an easygoing personality and tries to use that to best suit her patient’s preferences for care. Chiropractic for the everyday lifestyle! She did all of her internships with sports chiropractors so is comfortable treating from head to toe. She had a home birth with her son so is great with new moms and brand-new babies. She did her Certified Clinical Nutrition program shortly after graduation and looks at bloodwork to evaluate not just highs and lows, but “healthy to healthy”. She has begun working on a neurology background and has experience with concussion and autistic patients.

What I Do

Manual Diversified Technique

Muscle Work-Only Adjusting

Dry Needling

Flexion Distraction


Logan Basic

Pelvic Blocking

My Past Experiences

President at Art of Wellness Chiropractic
(2006 – Current)
I started Art of Wellness Chiropractic in a small 400 square foot space along side Dawn Hodi, LMT. Our goal was to provide coordinated care where we talked one-on-one to aid in our patient’s recovery. Art of Wellness Chiropractic currently oversees three multi-disciplinary clinic locations where all of our therapists strive to work together.

President at Thiensville Chiropractic
(2014 – Current)
In 2014, our group of six moved from our Brown Deer location to Thiensville to a gorgeous spot on the river! Coming very soon – We will be moving into our OWN stand-alone building located at 208 N. Main Street in Thiensville!

President at Slinger Chiropractic
(2013 – September 2023)
Dr. Bess lives in West Bend, WI with her husband and two children. With all of their friends in that area, she decided to start a small practice that has grown to include three chiropractors, two massage therapists, and a physical therapist.

President at Hartford Chiropractic
(2018 – Current)
When a prospective student was graduating, Dr. Bess came along to a practice for sale in Hartford. At the time she thought it would be a great way to help Slinger build. What she found was a gorgeous Hartford community with a patient base that has been super welcoming!

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